Snow, Ice & Weather Warnings

So yesterday the Met Office issued red and amber warnings, telling the country to be prepared for heavy snowfall, blizzards and severe cold. The BBC and other media picked up on this and gleefully reported weather updates.  This had the usual effect of people inundating their local supermarkets in order to stockpile enough food for a 3 month siege. We also had dire warnings about driving and not taking unnecessary journeys. If we all did the latter how would folk get all those essentials that they need to stockpile? (If the young guys I saw coming out of Sainsbury’s today are anything to go by then beer is an essential to stockpile)

Meanwhile it seems to have escaped all but the local media’s attention that  for the past few days East Anglia have experienced sub-zero temperatures, -13c in some place overnight and -8c during the day. East Anglia did not grind to a halt, the roads and indeed the cycle paths were all gritted regularly.

What wasn’t gritted however were many of the local footpaths. One particular footpath runs the length of Nowton estate passing  the local primary school and the local shops. Take a look below at what it looked like yesterday.

Icy path, Caie Walk Bury St edmunds

Caie Walk, Bury St Edmunds

That is thick ice on top of frozen snow! Now anyone who lives in this area can’t avoid using that path if they need to walk anywhere, from buying supplies at the local shops,  getting children to school or heading off into town.  The only alternative is back roads that are just as ice covered where you have to negotiate parked cars, moving cars and wheely bins being used to claim parking spaces.

So here’s a message to St Edmunsbury council: Why do you never make sure this footpath is safe when there is ice and snow? By not doing so you are deliberately isolating the old and the infirm and putting the rest of us at risk of bruises and broken bones.


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  1. [...] freeze began here the council finally gritted Caie walk, but not before I had alerted them to my previous Blog post. Of course it’s snowed quite a bit since then, will they come and re-treat the path? Who [...]

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