Irresponsible Dog Owners

A responsible  dog owner

A responsible dog owner

I often take my camera for a walk in the same areas that dog owners are walking their dogs. I’m sure many of the people I see are responsible dog owners such as the lady in the picture here

But to those of you who aren’t here are a few questions…..

  • Why don’t you clear your dog shit up? Just because it’s a country area doesn’t mean you aren’t responsible for the mess your dog leaves.
  • When you do clear up why do you then tie the  bagged dog shit to the nearest tree branch?
  • Why do you think it’s OK for your very large dog to come bounding over to people and jump/slobber all over them, especially when said person is carrying an expensive camera?

And the biggest bugbear of all….

In nature reserves when it says dogs must be kept on a lead, why do you ignore that?

Example of uncontrolled dog

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