What am I doing at a Protest March?

Recently I found myself at a protest march.  Now I’m not usually one for actively protesting, if I’m honest the most I do is sit at home and tweet my protests to the world. So how did I come to be at an anti EDL protest in Cambridge recently?

EDL protester Those of you who know me know that I like to take pictures of people either at events or in the streets, so when I had a notification that a group of people planned to join the protest against the racist EDL  by disco dancing dressed in 80’s gear I thought that would be a good opportunity for some event and street snapping.

EDL ProtesterSo off I went to Cambridge with Mr A, we arrived as the protesters were gathering and listening to the pre-march speeches. There was a good atmosphere but a lot of understandable anger that the racist EDL should dictate to the residents of Cambridge just what they could and couldn’t do.  (This far-right group  were protesting against plans for a new mosque in Mill Road. ) I wandered around taking a few photos and, as you can see, it didn’t take long to spot the disco loving protesters.

EDL protesters When everyone was ready to start marching I joined in with them, the better to take photos and to record the occasion.  (I also felt it only right to protest against the racism and fascism of the EDL)
The Discoing protesters followed up at the back of the march and didn’t stop dancing once as the march wended it’s way to and around the city centre.  These folk were the Cambridge Division of the alternative EDL, the   English Disco Lovers. What a great way to combat narrow minded, racist bigots.

More photos can be seen on my photo Blog and there’s a short video here

And finally, for those who like statistics, there were 500  protesting against the EDL, 400 police (yes really!) And just 30 EDL members.


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